Learn to play the Greek Bouzouki

Do you want to learn to play the Greek bouzouki? This 3-DVD course contains all the necessary Greek scales, Greek rhythms, exercises, riffs and sample songs for the 4-stringed (tetrachordo/τετρἀχορδο) and 3-stringed (trichordo/τρἰχορδο) bouzouki. Greek bouzouki lessons can be costly and time consuming. With this 3-DVD set, you can learn at your own pace by pausing and rewinding the video as needed. You can also ask the instructor any questions via email or facebook messenger.


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Greek bouzouki picture

Volume 1 - This volume covers the fundamentals of the Greek bouzouki. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate player, you should study these lessons in order to understand the bouzouki characteristics, the tuning of the bouzouki, how to locate the musical notes on the fretboard and, most importantly, how to properly hold the instrument. Subsequent lessons focus on the importance of the picking technique and specific exercises that are aimed at strenghtening and improving your hold of the pick. Volume 1 also introduces some basic chords on both the 3 and 4-stringed bouzoukia that you can play along with. Basic harmonies (when you play more than one note at the same time) are also covered in this section. The final part of Volume 1 illustrates the most popular Greek rhythms on the bouzouki and covers some bouzouki riffs and stylistic patterns that are common in many Greek songs.

Greek musical scales

Volume 2 - Scales are one of the most important concepts that any aspiring bouzouki player should strive to master. Scales are typically composed of 8 notes. For example, the Major Scale (which can be played on any musical instrument) can be obtained by starting from the key of C and playing (on the piano) all the white keys sequentially until you arrive at the next key of C. In Western music, one often encounters the Major scale and the Natural/Harmonic/Melodic Minor scales. In Greek music, you have the same thing, as well as the: Major/Rast, Huzam, Tabachaniotiko, Hitzaz, Hitzazkiar and Pireotiko Major scales. Volume 2 also includes a few songs in slow motion and regular speed as well as, extra features such as: tuning (using a tuner or the relative method), looping drum beats you can play over, chord diagrams for the Major scales and scale diagrams for the major scales.

Greek trichordo and tetrachordo bouzouki

Volume 3 - This part of the course focuses on the Minor Scales. These include the: Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Niavend, Nigriz, Sabach, Ousak and Giourdin scales. Multiple methods are shown for playing each scale while utilizing the entire fretboard on both the tetrachordo (τετρἀχορδο μπουζοὐκι) and trichordo (τρἰχορδο μπουζοὐκι). Just like in volume 2 for the major scales, this volume also inlcudes the 8-derived chords for each minor scale, as well as the harmonies for each minor scale. A few more songs are also taught in slow motion and regular speed. The extra features in this DVD include: sample bouzouki, tzoura and baglama musical phrases, chord diagrams for minor scales, scale diagrams for minor scales.