Q. How much does the 3-DVD set cost?

Q. Can I only buy 1 DVD at a time?

Q. What is included in the price?

Q. What information is included in the DVD's?

Q. How long will it take to receive the DVD's?

Q. Do I need to know music theory in order to learn from the DVD's?

Q. Will the DVD's play on any DVD player world-wide?

Q. Do you ship world-wide and are there any extra costs involved?

Q. Are both Trichordo and Tetrachordo bouzoukia covered in the DVD's?

Q. Can I learn to play the Baglama or the Tzoura by purchasing the DVD's?

Q. What if I don't want to submit my credit card information online?

Q. I still have further questions to ask you.

Q. Why should I buy these DVD's?