Harry G.

Country - USA - Chicago

Years of playing the bouzouki - Since 1994

Other instruments played - Guitar, Dumbek, Baglama, Tzoura, Oud, Laouto

Current bouzouki owned - Varlas, Karandreas, Rotskos

Recommended Luthiers - Varlas, Karandreas, Rotskos, Kleftogiannhs, Kalkepso

Short Biography

I was born in Chicago, USA in 1977. Prior to moving back to the States, I lived in South Africa and Greece for close to 12 years.

I first started playing the bouzouki in 1994. Since then, I have been playing, researching and analyzing all aspects of the Greek bouzouki. The instructional DVD set that is sold on www.BouzoukiDVD.com includes knowledge amassed throughout the years on every conceivable aspect of the Greek bouzouki. I felt the need to create a comprehensive tutorial that would guide the novice bouzouki player through the basic, intermediate and advanced concepts of the instrument.

I play both the Tetrachordo and the Trichordo bouzoukia, as well as, the Baglama, the Tzoura, the Guitar, the Laouto, the Oud and the Dumbek (Touberleki). I am a long time Greek bouzouki teacher in the greater Chicagoland area and I also provide private bouzouki lessons on the weekends.

If you ever wanted to play the Bouzouki...now's your chance! I have personally taught many bouzouki players over the years and in the process of doing so, I know what works and what doesn't. The last thing I want to do is throw a bunch of music theory at you. Instead, my teaching method gives you visual feedback and I show you exactly what fingers to use and which notes to play. I assume no prior musical knowledge on your part either. The DVD's make it easy for you to rewind and even pause the parts that you want to review in more detail. My method is a practical one that is also comprehensive and easy to understand. Despite all these benefits, if you purchase my course, I offer myself as a guide throughout your bouzouki learning journey. This means that I will always be available to answer your questions and concerns via email. My goal is to make learning the bouzouki a pleasant experience for you. But don't just take my word for it. Visit my youtube channel to see the type of songs I play and what others say. This is just a small sample of what you will get in the DVD's. Bouzouki Lessons on Youtube.

If you enjoy Greek music and dancing, check out my other website on Learning Greek dances here:www.NowYouCanDance.com